Feeling like you’re the only one not in Europe at the moment? Close-by in Collingwood, there resides a snapshot into the spirited streets of Spain beneath a single-pitched ceiling. Take a step into Josep Vallhonrat and Andrew Boddington’s Spanish oasis, AJAR. 

From furniture to lighting to accessories, each piece within the showroom provokes wonderment and awe. The designs are accessible and yet, unexpected. Vallhonrat and Boddington combine local knowledge with their distinct overseas flair. They challenge us in a way that we didn’t know we needed challenged. The hardest part of all? Walking away empty-handed. 

Designer contemporary furniture from Spain

120 Johnston Street
Collingwood VIC 3066


“AJAR is about being open to new ideas and new possibilities. We believe in the power to move people and provoke wonder through good design in the built environment”
- Josep and Andrew, founders