Since discovering Anaca Studio, we’ve revised a common phrase. As it turns out, all good things begin with a sketch. It also helps if you’ve got the determination of Melbourne-based furniture designer, Anne-Claire Petre. Here’s where you bring the sketch to life. 

Petre is adamant about three things: integrity, sustainability and practicality. These three passions drive close collaborations with local manufacturers; the production of clean, contemporary pieces and the use of purely sustainable materials at Anaca Studio. Petre looks at furniture like she does a landscape: she considers each and every element. If a single one is missing, the piece — and thus, the entire picture — simply isn’t the same.

Custom Furniture

64 Wellington Street
Collingwood VIC 3066

By appointment


“it’s important to stay true to myself and my core beliefs and create products that are more timeless”
- Anne-Claire, founder