Furniture designer and maker, Elliot Gorham, and his comedy writing and performing wife, Louise Joy, might not seem like your conventional interior brand typecast. But as it turns out, their unique outlook on life, contemporary designs, and solid sense of humour are the perfect trifecta when it comes to creating beautiful interiors. Influenced by the Japanese woodwork methods, their designs are a perfect mix of monochrome, sleek, and simple. 

From their Richmond studio, they produce both furniture and lighting to freakishly high standards, with an emphasis on durability, because they get that furniture was made to be lived on. If you fancy gorgeous furnishings and good jokes, then Apparentt couldn’t be a more obvious choice.

Custom furniture, lighting

19 Lincoln Street
Richmond VIC 3121

By appointment


“We are continually experimenting and trying to push boundaries, in order to reinterpret and create new aesthetics without compromising the integrity of old”
- Louise , APPARENTT