There’s nothing better than actually feeling the care and precision a craftsman has put into a piece of furniture. But for creatives, Adam Brislin and Lucy Grant, furniture isn’t worth making unless you’re going to give it your all. From their tailored workshop in Melbourne, Adam and Lucy like to play with the traditional styles of furniture; from making a feature out of a leg join or incorporating charismatic handles, every detail is carefully thought out and given the same high levels of attention.

Another bonus of Beeline is the fact they use sustainably sourced timber, and pair it with top shelf finishes like brass and leather. While they don’t have a dedicated showroom, Adam and Lucy welcome anyone to explore their many stools, tables, cabinets, and beds in person in their workshop. Excuse the pun, but we suggest you make a beeline for this place ASAP.

Contemporary custom furniture

20 Albert Street
Preston VIC 3072

By appointment


“Invest in pieces that are timeless and not trend driven- things that will still give you joy years from now”