If ‘stop and smell the roses’ is your personal motto, then Cultiver should be your second home. Founded by Nicolle Sullivan with the mantra to finding enjoyment in the everyday things, Cultiver puts comfort and style at the top of their priority list.

Whether you’re after luxurious pure linen sheets (in 17 colours, no less!), sleek tablecloths, or a selection of robes and cushions, the attention to detail and dreamy aesthetic shines through every product on the shelf. And not only is Cultiver a raging success in the online world, but you can live and breathe the whimsical brand in Nicolle’s tranquil and inspiring concept store in South Yarra.

Pure linen, bedding

499 Malvern Road
South Yarra VIC 3141


“Our products are designed to be used every day, to feel as well as look great”
- Nicolle Sullivan, FOUNDER