Dwell: to live in [or at] a specified place. It’s a definition that does little justice for Kensington’s idyllic corner-store of a showroom. Dwell is as welcoming and peaceful as the flow of the word implies. Every light, rug, piece of wall art or furniture emanates an effortless sophistication. Within each piece resides a humble understanding for what makes contemporary furniture.

The functional interior of Dwell invites us to stick around, to rest, to relax. The store offers space for imagination, both encouraging ours and offering guidance if needed, with an interior design service on hand. Dwell sings of an unquestionable livability. It has us wondering: would it be so wrong to call a showroom home? When it comes to Dwell, we’d be proud to reside in a space as chic. 

Furniture, lighting, rugs

Store / Showroom
518 Macaulay Road
Kensington VIC 3031