Fancy a European adventure, minus the hefty price tag? There’s no better way to bring a sliver of France, Italy, or even Spain into your home than by snatching up some of the best 18th century inspired furniture and homewares around. Since 1992, Gaudion has been killing it in the bespoke designer furniture world, blending classic and modern styles to create a refreshing look.

The Melbourne brand works directly with clients, interior designers, and architects to create ideal settings for homes. For Gaudion, nothing says ‘home’ like a fabulous dining table, leading the rest of their collection to ooze similarly intimate, yet refined style.

Furniture, homewares

1001 High Street 
Armadale VIC 3143


“We help our clients make their house a home. A home that is completely unique for their family”
- Sherryl, founder