To assume that the name, Hunting For George, were anything close to meaningless would be far from the truth. Sister duo, Lucy Glade-Wright and Jo Harris, set out to bring some personality to homewares. Starting with prints, they set out to local markets to build their loyal community.

What began with a humble attitude and a lot of hard work — the entire project grew from a single spare room — has no doubt exceeded far beyond the expectations of both Glade-Wright and Harris. These days, they represent over 30 local and international brands, as well as several of their own collections. There’s nothing you can’t find at Hunting for George: jazzy art prints, furniture, handmade clocks, textile accessories.. you name it, it’s there. Hunting For George is what [or who] we’ve all been waiting for: a minimalist with a knack for having fun.

Furniture, homewares, bedding, rugs, prints, pots, accessories

31 Wangaratta St
Richmond VIC 3121

By appointment


“it is important to remember that life's better With friends”