Tucked away in the neat little pocket of Hawksburn Village, that very atomposhere of a “village” is represented in this nostalgic boutique. After 14 years, Hillary Gwillim is still curating a desirable collection of homewares and European antiques tied together in the neatest of bows with the modern classics. If there’s a store that can reflect a constant understanding of what their customer will fall in love with then Manon Bis may as well be deemed the cupid of the south east.

Sitting on a bustling street, the cosy store is lined with beautiful linens, unique homewares, and niche fragrances from around the world. You’ll be reminded of a time that once was as you explore under the rustic brown canopy that dons the ceiling. As important as her focus is on the past, Hillary captures the essence of Melbourne’s love for old and new.

They say a home is something that is created over time, after all these years, Manon Bis is a space that feels just like home - one that will be visited for many years to come.

European antiques, homewares, fragrances

568 Malvern Road
Hawksburn VIC 3142