Taking things slow and appreciating art are two of the big motivators for sisters, Clare and Joy, who started Mondocherry 6 years ago on a whim. These days, it couldn’t be further from random, with every collected piece of art, decor, cushions and lampshades chosen for the beautiful stories attached to them. Be it the materials used, the way they’re made, or the artist themselves, Mondocherry truly cherishes the authentic.

The sister duo's own artworks also grace the walls of this Malvern store; made from hand-cut and painted pieces of paper, patiently assembled on canvas, their pieces are a 3D feast for the senses. The sisters take care to group their store into ever-changing colour stories, in the hopes their customers might be moved to think outside the box.

Art, furniture, homewares, fabric designs

3 Claremont Ave
Malvern VIC 3144


“We don’t follow trends but instinctively choose what we love”