Bringing a vibrant slice of Tokyo to the streets of Melbourne, duo Sonia and Ian channel their inspirations and energies into the ‘how’ of their interiors, rather than the ‘why’. What this means is that at Monolab, they’re more interested in how a customer will use their wares, and how it will make them feel. The result is a thoughtfully put-together store of delightful home decor, from handmade porcelain and intricate glassware, to hanging sculptures and quirky clocks. 

But what’s particularly special about Monolab is the piece of text next to each piece in store, which tells the story of how the product came to be. Forget flying to Tokyo, a trip to this store provides plenty of unique insight into Japanese culture. For Sonia and Ian, the beautiful aesthetics of Japanese interiors come from the history behind it, although for the record, every curated piece in Monolab is as eye-catching as it is fascinating. 

Japanese wares, objects

36 Toorak Road
South Yarra VIC 3141