From the humble market stalls of Preston to a brick and mortar haven of textures, tableware and European design, Susie Grogovski knows a good thing when she sees it. With an abundance of boutique furniture, Susie adds a refined touch to her collection, with svelte, black ornaments and trimmings, pops of greenery, and an inviting spread of brass, bronze, wood, porcelain, and velvet textures to run your hands over.

Quirky, vintage goods fill every nook and cranny of Ox & Fox, with everything from French and German toys and games, to a large timber telescope taking pride of place in the window. The warmth of Susie’s style emanates through every collectible item, or maybe that’s just the warmth coming from her swanky wood fireplace. Either way, you’ll need a good few hours to uncover all the treasures lying in this Regent St store.

Homewares, gifts

118 Regent St
Preston VIC 3072


“The ability to trust my own judgement of what i personally love would work”