Google ‘Pepite’ and you’ll discover it’s French for ‘a good find’. Now, you may not speak French, but in this creative Fitzroy space you don’t have to, to appreciate exactly what they’ve got going on. Think of Pepite as your own personal collection of local art and bespoke handicrafts, except that you have to share it with other customers - not that you’ll mind once you step inside.

Curated by Pepite founder, Irina Rybakov, there’s well over 50 local artists represented on these shelves, with the idea to source pieces made within 5km of the store. Irina’s passion for unearthing new talent means the store is bursting with bright textiles, interesting prints, grainy ceramics and countless other fun stuff. Who knows, you might just be buying art from the next Banksy or Andy Warhol.

Handcrafts, ceramics, objects, prints

195 Brunswick Street
Fitzroy VIC 3065


“I want people to feel included having a sense of warmth and pride for their local creative community”
- Irina, founder