In a world that’s only getting bigger and moving faster, it’s not uncommon that we have a back-to-basics epiphany every now and then. In fact, such a realisation is often paramount to finding renewed sense of direction. Founder of Plyroom, Elise Heslop knows this kind of epiphany better than anyone. After spending a year in Northern Italy, Heslop began Plyroom with the intention to bring basics.. back into beautiful furniture. 

In Plyroom, you can expect to find a range of interior accessories and furniture that screams (or more truthfully, utters) subtlety, refinement and necessity. Each piece is functional, purposeful and filled with practicality. For those who seek to avoid unnecessary fluff and triviality, you can trust that Heslop gets straight to the point. What’s more, her every products seeks to have as little impact on the environment as possible. Back to basics never looked so good until Plyroom. 


161a Heidelberg Rd
Northcote VIC 3070