Need we make introduction for the very popular design venture, Pop & Scott? Probably not. But for the few who are just embarking on the hype, let us endeavour to describe it with justice. Poppy Lane and Scott Gibson began Pop & Scott back in 2012, with a strong desire to vent their creative ideas into the community. Since then, they’ve developed a close community of their own, filled with inspired makers and pro-active dreamers who motivate even Lane and Gibson themselves. 

Pop & Scott has become progressively renowned for its bold and confident aesthetic. Inspired by the Australian landscape and lifestyle, it’s no wonder that it resonates so well with locals - particularly those who value comfort and creativity within their everyday living. A wander down the garden path of cactuses and green plants is just the beginning of the vibrant and textural adventure that is a visit to Pop & Scott. 

Contemporary furniture, lighting and homewares

27 Hayes Street
Northcote  VIC 3070


“Our customers know that they are buying products that have a sense of community and authenticity behind them”
- Max & Stacia, FOUNDERS