You haven’t heard about a real pair of #GirlBosses until you’ve heard about Nicola Grey and Tara Wilcox. These two understand there’s a time and place for outlandish furniture — and most importantly, it isn’t always within our everyday home. Calling all realists: meet Redfox and Wilcox, a Melbourne-based artisan furniture company. 

Redfox and Wilcox values the everyday person in all their simplicity and their distinction. Pieces are made to order in Collingwood, where Grey and Wilcox offer custom sizing and finishing. It’s a service that ensures absolute customer satisfaction. Locals will be glad to know that Grey and Wilcox find muse in the same things as them — from local exhibitions and gigs to taking a walk. This artisan venture is about as personable and authentic as it gets. 

Custom furniture

7 Easey Street
Collingwood VIC 3066

By appointment


“Our customers should feel happy to be buying locally, supporting a small business and know that their product is made to last”
- nicola & TARA, FOUNDER