On the corner of Gertrude St in Melbourne’s North resides another world entirely: it goes by the name ‘Spacecraft’. This galaxy is galore with metallic textures and illustrious patterns. Designed entirely without computers, we can’t decide if it’s a step into the past.. or a leap far, far into the future. 

Attention to detail is something that Spacecraft regards with most value. Their detailed artworks and intricate cushions are the works of local artists, designers and makers. Each is printed by hand in a nearby studio, and exudes so much eclectic appeal, it’s a shock these statement pieces compliment each other so well. And they absolutely do. If thoughtful mayhem could exist — never mind be labelled complimentary — the space to find it is at Spacecraft. 

Contemporary artwork, textiles

225 Gertrude Street
Fitzroy VIC 3065


“That there is a strong narrative behind every artwork and product”